Zia Kaldura

A Spoiled Brat Thrust Into Adventure


Zia has inherited the smoky good looks, reddish skin, and devilish allure of her mother.

Tiefling Warlock Entertainer, CN
Level 3

STR: 8/-1
DEX: 15/+2
CON: 12/+1
INT: 10/0
WIS: 12/+1 (Save +3)
CHA: 17/+3 (Save +5)

Proficiency Bonus: +2

Skills: Acrobatics (Dex), Arcana (Int), Deception (Cha), Performance (Cha)
Languages: Common, Infernal, (30’ Telepathy)
Equipment: Light Armor, Simple Weapons, Disguise Kit, Sitar

AC: 14 (Studded Leather Armor)
Initiative +2
Speed: 30’

HP: 21 (3d8 HD)

Features and Traits
Darkvision 60’
Resistance – Fire
Otherworldly Patron: Great Old One
—Awakened Mind: 30’ telepathy with any intelligent creature, regardless of language

By Popular Demand: Can find performance space / free room and board / local celebrities

Eldritch Invocations
Agonizing Blast (add CHA to Eldritch Blast damage)
Book of Ancient Secrets (2 1st lvl. ritual spells, can learn/cast rituals at 1/2 Warlock lvl.)

Pact of the Tome
Book of Shadows – 3 cantrips, any class

Slots: 2, Max Level: 1

Thaumaturgy (from Tiefling)
Eldritch Blast
Minor Illusion
Acid Splash (B)
Friends (B)
Mage Hand (B)

1st level
Dissonant Whispers
Find Familiar®
Unseen Servant®

2nd level
Hellish Rebuke (1x/day) (Tiefling)
Detect Thoughts
Phantasmal Force

Personality Traits
“Whenever I come to a new place, I collect local rumors and spread gossip”

Greed: “I’m only in it for the money and fame”

“I will do anything to prove myself superior to mom”

“A scandal keeps me from going home, that kind of trouble follows me around”

Rod of the Pact Keeper +1 (+1 to spell atk rolls/DCs, can regain 1 spell slot up to 3rd/long rest)
Sitar of Illusions (XGE 137)
Cloak of Many Fashions (XGE 136)
Component Pouch
Studded Leather Armor
x2 daggers
Light Crossbow (20 bolts)
Clothes (travel)
Clothes (costume)
Clothes (fine)
x4 Clothes (super-fancy exotic formal wear plus jewelry)
Ink Pen
Sealing Wax
x5 sheets of parchment

Talking Doll (White Dragonborn doll)
—When Picked Up: “Please Love Me!”
—When Thrown: “Help! Catch Me!”
—When Squeezed: “Ow! My Ribs!”
—Door Opens w/in 5’: “What are You doing in here?!”


Zia Kaldura, daughter of the infamous Zharra Kaldura, was raised in entertainment. In her younger years, her mother was one of the most famous casino entertainers in the history of Las Vegas, having the personal patronage and support of the Merchant Prince himself. This fortune continued under the Merchant Prince’s chosen successor, who had been one of her traveling companions and a casino entrepreneur in his own right before ascending to control Sin City.

Zia, as a result, never knew a life where she did not have access to whatever luxury she desired. She never performed because she had to, but rather because she enjoyed it, whether dancing, or singing, or playing one of a variety of musical instruments.

It wasn’t until she hit age 13, though, where she manifested a talent for the performing art her mother was most famous for: pyrotechnics. She was super excited. She had never assumed she’d be able to shoot fire like her mother, and yet this, too, was something that was coming naturally and easily to her.

Her mother’s opinion was rather different. Zia couldn’t understand why mom was so upset. Many were the tearful and angry fights over it. Zharra wanted Zia not to use her fiery talents, yet refused to provide what Zia considered an adequate explanation for why not.

Over the subsequent six years relations between the two soured ever more sharply, becoming exaggerated as it became clear that Zia not only “resembled” her mother but was growing into a young woman who was Zharra’s spitting image. Aside from the obvious differences in age, they could have been twins, and many were the people who commented that Zia looked exactly like Zharra’s image in old posters and advertisements.

The day came when Zia and her mother had an enormous, acrimonious fight. Zia accused her mother of jealousy, of seeing her own lost youth in her daughter while Zharra accused Zia of engaging in dark pacts with blasphemous entities to the detriment of her soul. Zia had no idea what mom meant by any of that, of course… just more old-person nonsense. She left in angry tears knowing she never wanted to go back.

She fled to Uncle Hardluck, the Merchant Prince, asking for a job, ANY job, that would take her away from her evil harridan of a mother and the city of Las Vegas. Hardluck agreed, pulling strings to get her employed as a “clerk” on a diplomatic expedition, provided she take a “valet” with her, a charming halfling who is probably something far more than a servant. Whatever. As long as his skullduggery doesn’t hurt her she doesn’t care. And she’s always wanted to meet other dragons aside from the white one that provides the air conditioning for Uncle Hardluck’s casino…

Zia Kaldura

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